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Fabric Festival Wristbands

Fabric festival wristbands are used for admission control, as merchandise and also for advertising. Fabric wristbands have a high advertising value, because people tend to ware fabric wristbands for a long period of time.

From all the different types of admission control wristbands, fabric wristbands are considered to be the most effective and stylish.

Festival wristbands are used as an effective means of identification and access. They are a great way to prevent unauthorised access to you festival, party or event and also to make sure that your guests can enter only the area or areas for which they are authorised. For example during the London new years fireworks display, two types of wristbands are provided. One type of wristband allows helps residents and businesses get into specified surrounding areas without needing proof of address. The ticketed area festival wristband allows authorised ticket holders into the specific viewing area.

JMband is a leading supplier of Fabric wristbands for festivals and for other events in Denmark. If you are looking for cloth wristbands, fabric wristbands or textile wristbands, we can help you find an effective solution for the right price. You can also design your own festival wristband using our excellent online designer tool or email us a multicolour graphic for printing or weving your festival wristband.
We offer a wide variety of solutions using ribbons of different materials as well as festival wristband plastic locks and metal ring locks to secure the wristbands.

What Are Festival Wristbands Made Of?

Polyester is the most common material for fabric wristbands. It is durable, easy to weave and the dyed thread colors are stable. Standard polyester is relatively cheap and the threads come in a wide variety of colors (most standard Pantone colors).
Polyester is also easily sublimated. Sublimation is the process of transferring a graphic design from a printed paper on a media such as a ribbon.

ECO friendly versions of polyester are also available. These threads are made by recycling PET items like the transparent drinking bottles.

Eco friendly bamboo fabric is a soft, cotton-like material made from bamboos fiber. Production process of bamboo ribbons is complex, but the final product disintegrates easily and is considered a sustainable-fabric which is good for the environment.

Cotton ribbons are another option for making wristbands. They are relatively costlier compared with polyester ribbons and are woven on a special loom for cotton yarn. Cotton is a soft natural material which is preferred by specific customers that want festival wristbands made of cotton.

Personalised Fabric Festival Wristbands - How Are Festival Wristbands Made?

There are three basic options for making personalised fabric festival wristbands. Choosing the right option depends very much on how the wristbands will be used, and for what purpose. The three techniques are: Weaving, Printing by sublimation and Printing by silk screen.

Most common are the woven wristbands which are produced on a loom. The wristbands are woven using polyester yarn and require heavy machinery. Woven wristbands are affordable, durable, stylish and are considered as a classic. Woven wristbands are of two types - they can be manufactured in two colours or in 7 to 8 colours depending on the festival wristband's graphic supplied by the customer.

Sublimated wristbands are produced by transferring a pre-printed image on a special sublimation paper onto a polyester (also ECO polyester) ribbon.

Image quality of digitally printed fabric wristbands is by far better than images that are woven. Printed festival wristbands have no limitations on colors (including gradient colors), are comfortable to wear and are a good alternative to woven wristbands. For more information How to choose between woven and printed fabric wristbands?

The last option which is less common is silk screen printing using a mesh and special ink. This option is used mainly for printing on prefabricated cotton ribbons or on ECO friendly bamboo ribbons.

Festival Wristband Clasps

Commonly used Festival Wristband Clasps are either plastic clips with prongs to pierce the fabric or metal rings, made of aluminium.

Other less common methods of turning a ribbon into a security wristband is achieved by using sealing wax, applying ultrasonic welding and by Stitching. Some special machines were devised so that a person can place the wrist on a machine, and the ribbon will be welded or stitched without causing injuries, however these methods are not as common as metal crimping rings and plastic closures.

Festival Wristband Plastic Clips (Plastic Barrel Lock)

The plastic clip or plastic barrel lock works with any of our fabric wristbands. The festival wristband plastic lock features a one-way sliding lock that uses prongs (teeth) to pierce the fabric, preventing the wristband from being removed.

The Plastic Clip for festival wristbands is a "one-way" oval cylinder. These closures have "teeth" that allow the ribbon to slide in one way but when pulled back the teeth latch into the fabric. No crimping tools are required for locking the festival wristband.

Two component closures is also made of plastic. Once a ribbon is threaded through a cylinder or oval component a second component is pressed in and latches so that the ribbon is locked and can't slide back and forth.

The correct method of securing a festival wristband using a Plastic Clip is to apply the wristband on the wrist and slide the plastic lock towards the wrist but not all the way. We recommend a gap of one index finger so that the wristbands are still comfortable to wear. Cut the ends off as close as possible to the plastic lock using scissors.

Metal Crimping rings for Fabric Festival Wristbands

Metal crimping ring or metal lock is made of soft aluminum that can be pressed with a crimping plier. It is also referred to as Talurit ring. Metal crimping rings are used with narrow woven fabric ribbons. This festival wristband clasp uses a crimped aluminium ring to grip the fabric and prevent the wristband from being removed.

Our metal ring locks for fabric wristbands are most well suited for any event with a large crowd and require a crimping tool to secure.

Crimping Tools For Metal Ring Closure

When using metal rings for sealing the wristbands, a crimping tool is needed.
The crimping tool presses on the soft metal ring turning the oval ring into a flat surface with a dent. We offer two basic types of crimping tool; an ergonomic hand-held crimping pliers and a table press.

Security Of Festival Wristbands - How To Get Festival Wristbands Off Without Breaking Them

There is a general rule that says that any security mechanism made by man, can be breached by man, if enough efforts and resources are there for the task. Fabric wristbands are no exception, there is no full proof mechanism. The trick is to make things hard so people with malicious thoughts, will have a difficult time realizing their intentions.
There are two main security hazards: the first is transferring the wristbands and the second is copying the wristbands.

When using a crimping ring or a "one-way" closure, high security can be achieved provided the wristbands are mounted properly and control is made that the wristbands are secured. In such cases, it will be very difficult to remove the festival wristband without cutting it. See our blog post on 4 ways to transfer fabric festival wristbands, which event organizers should be aware of.

The other security problem is copying. When a piece of cloth with a ring has a high value because it can allow you to get into a festival or a venue, with high admission costs, it may tempt forgery. Woven Fabric wristbands are made on a loom and every loom has its own "fingerprint".
Sometimes it is not easy to tell the difference and definitely not with a naked eye, but unless the wristbands were produced on the same loom model, it is possible to spot differences in the weaving. The more complex and detailed the graphics of the woven ribbon, the more difficult it is to copy. Some producers have added a little plastic ring onto the wristband, which is unique, adding another layer of security.

The video below demonstrates 4 different ways to remove fabric festival wristbands and transfer the wristbands to another person. At the end of the video there are explanations on how you can lock the wristband the correct way and avoid cheating.

Design Your Own Festival Wristbands Using the Online Designer Tool

Using our advanced online designer tool, customers have the option of designing their own festival wristbands. They can visualise on their computer screen, how the fabric wristband will look. Texts, logos, icons, date and time can be added. The whole process is completed on a computer screen.

The online designer is simple and intuitive, yet with a lot of flexibility. There is an option of choosing from a selection of fonts and we have provided a variety of relevant icons that can be added to the design.
Once the design is completed the festival wristband is added to the shopping cart as any other physical product one would order from an online shop.

Delivery And Transit Time

We normally ship our stock fabric wristbands the same day we get the order. We need a few more days to print them or weave them with your own design.

Fabric Wristbands, Cloth Wristbands Or Textile Wristbands?

Basically, all three names mean the same thing. Fabric wristbands is more frequently used in the UK and cloth wristbands is more frequently used in the USA however both are the same product and are used as festival wristbands in organized event. Textile wristbands is also used sometimes to mean the same product.

Buy Online Festival Fabric Wristbands And Festival Wristbands Clasps In UK And Republic Of Ireland

All our Custom printed fabric wristbands and woven cloth wristbands are of a high quality and at a very good price. We also supply two types of wristbands Clasps (Plastic clips or Plastic barrel lock and Aluminium metal crimping ring or Metal lock) to secure your festival fabric wristbands.

Backed by 25 years of experience. So what are you waiting for? Order Now and see the difference. We are very sure that you'll be delighted with the quality you get for the money.

We will ship your order from Aarhus in Denmark and all our orders will be dispatched within 24 hours for items in stock. Plain paper wristbands with no printing are dispatched same day. Custom paper wristbands are normally dispatched next day.

We deliver anywhere in UK and Republic of Ireland. Normally the transit time is about 2 days if your delivery address is in or not far from major cities in the UK and Republic of Ireland like London, Cardiff, Belfast, Birmingham, Calgary, Cork, Coventry, Dublin, Glasgow, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Leeds, Liverpool, etc. Delivery to remote areas in the UK may take an extra day or two.